Constant Pressure Pump For Well and City Water Systems

Does your spouse scream when the shower turns to a dribble? Does the clothes washer take forever to fill? The answer is a constant pressure pump. Which will save your sanity and shrink the electric bill too.

Imagine not having to schedule your life around not having enough water pressure. Wouldn’t that be great? It is! Keep reading.

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An Introduction To Constant Pressure Pump Water Systems

A constant pressure pump for well water supply systems provides constant, even water pressure throughout a business or home. The constant pressure removes any pressure fluctuations within the building when water is used.

When a constant pressure booster pump has been installed, multiple appliances in the home can be used simultaneously. Such as dishwashers, washing machines, showers, or sprinkler systems. Doing so will not cause insufficient water supply or reduced water pressure.

How Do Standard Well Pump Pressure Systems Work?

With standard well pump systems, the pump only starts when the pressure in the pressure tank drops below a specific level. This reduced pressure signals the system that the tank needs to be refilled. When this happens, the pump starts and fills the tank until the pressure reaches the predefined “cut-off” point and the pump is then switched off.

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Due to this method, too many appliances using water at the same time often results in the pressure in the tank dropping. This then leads to inconsistent water flow and low water pressure. If this happens regularly, it will cause increased wear on the pump due to it switching on and off repeatedly.

How Does a Constant Pressure Pump Work?

With constant pressure well pumps, the motor speed on the pump changes to maintain a constant pressure as flow demand changes. Typical constant pressure submersible pumps push water to the surface through a drop pipe and a check valve prevents the water from flowing back into the well. When the system pressure drops by 5 PSI, a sensor will turn the pump on.

Benefits of Constant Pressure Well Pumps

  • Water pressure remains constant
  • Supports high volumes
  • Reduces pump stress
  • Reduces energy consumption and decreases costs
  • Uses less space due to a smaller pressure tank
  • Allows for ease of future expansion. Need another bathroom? No problem.

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Can Standard Well Pumps Be Converted To Constant Pressure Well Pumps?

In many instances, standard well pumps can be converted to a constant pressure well pump simply by replacing some components such as the pressure switch. However, it may make more sense to update an older system entirely. One of your local experienced Plumber Near Me well pump experts can provide you with all the information you require for your specific scenario. Use the form below:

Where Can Constant Pressure Systems Be Used?

These constant pressure booster pump systems are commonly used for municipal water systems as well as private wells.

High rise apartment buildings and office buildings couldn’t be built without them. When a business or home has a high demand for water and this results in having to constantly deal with insufficient water pressure, a constant pressure well pump could be the ideal choice.

If the demand to a home has recently increased, by for example the addition of another bathroom, upgrading the system may be worthwhile considering.

Fluctuating pressure can not only be annoying to deal with, but it may also lead to increased bills. If you struggle with fluctuating or low water pressure, and you think a constant pressure system may be beneficial, contact a local plumber.

A Typical System Using A Constant Pressure Booster Pump – Overview

Pressure fluctuations in a home water system can be virtually eliminated by using variable frequency technology. The constant pressure systems uses this technology to provide your home with constant water pressure, thus allowing you to do more.

Water Well Systems

A constant pressure pump system changes the pump speed to supply the amount of water needed. So, as increased water volume is needed, the pump speeds up, keeping the system pressure constant.

A constant pressure pump system detects water pressure via a pressure sensor. It then sends a signal to the controller on the constant pressure pump to regulate the pump’s speed.

Constant pressure pump in a home boosting water pressure from a well. Plumber Near Me USA .com
A pressure sensor and controller on the constant pressure pump tells the submersible well pump how fast to run in order to provide constant water pressure throughout the house.

Instead of switching on and off at a specific tank pressure (generally 40psi or 60psi), a constant pressure system keeps the tank at a constant pressure. Thus, providing the home with an endless, steady supply of water.

When water demand increases in a constant pressure pump system, the pump’s speed increases. Likewise, the pump’s speed will decrease when less water is needed. The pump will only run as fast as is required to meet demand. That way the pump only works as hard as needed. Which reduces the electric bill and reduces wear and tear on the pump system.

A constant pressure systems don’t need large storage tanks. Lighter, smaller tanks can be used and these can be mounted off the floor, thus saving space.

Conventional Private Well Pump Systems

Although private water wells might have excellent water quality, water pressure can be very poor. Homes with a conventional private well system often times organize their life around low or inadequate water pressure.

There are several reasons for this, including increased water usage, low well levels, new irrigation systems and home additions. Irrespective of the cause, changing water flow and pressure can disrupt the home’s operations.

Most basic well pump system diagram. Plumber Near Me USA .com
Well water pressure tanks are used to solve this problem. That way you don’t need an elevated water storage tank like city water systems use.

A private well system is configured to run at a specific pressure range, which is commonly set to 40-60 PSI.

Water well pumps only operate at one speed – fast. So, when the tank’s pressure drops to 40 PSI, the pump will start to fill the tank as fast as possible. Then the pump shuts off when the pressure reaches 60 PSI.

When water in the home is used, the water pressure in the house continues to drop until it reaches 40 PSI. Then the well pump starts up again and raises the pressure back up to 60 PSI.

When several water sources are used simultaneously, such as a washing machine and shower, the water pressure will drop quickly. Causing the water flow to diminish and the washer to fill slowly and the shower to sputter.

Municipal & City Systems

Homes served by municipal or city water systems get water from a water line that is connected to a water tower and runs through the city.

Water pressure for homes supplied with city water varies, due to being far away from the main water line, or old city system infrastructure.

Where I live, my house is on top of a hill. So, my water pressure is lower, than the house at the bottom of the hill.

City water tower provides water pressure to home. Plumber Near Me USA .com

Irrespective of the cause, changing water flow and pressure will disrupt the way the home operates.

Adding a constant pressure pump system to the incoming water system will boost the water volume available throughout the house. Plus, it will also provide constant water pressure when when showering, washing clothes, and watering the garden at the same time.

Constant pressure pump inside a home boosting city water pressure. Plumber Near Me USA .com


A constant pressure system will provide your home with added value by improving the way water is used.

They accommodate a big variety of water flow demands. Which allows occupants to use water when they need it.

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A constant pressure system added to a home means there won’t be less water than wanted. This eliminates shower schedules, improves effectiveness of lawn irrigation, and allows appliances and water treatment to work more efficiently. Plus, it saves space due to a smaller pressure tank being required.

A constant pressure pump system is so small it can be put put almost anywhere. It also provides:

  • Pressure setting selection
  • Quiet, smooth operation
  • Electronic protection
  • Pump protection built-in
  • Easy installation
  • Smaller tanks or existing pressure tanks may be used

A constant pressure boosting system will make the family happy, instead of arguing who’s next in line. Finally, you can wash the laundry and the dishes, water the garden, and shower simultaneously. With FULL water flow and pressure. Yippee!

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