8 DIY Plumbing Tools Homeowners Must Have Ready in Advance

Common DIY pluming tools include pipe wrenches, pipe cutters and teflon plumbers tape.
Common DIY pluming tools include pipe wrenches, pipe cutters and teflon plumbers tape.

When a plumbing problem occurs in the middle of the night homeowners need these DIY plumbing tools beforehand. Running to the store to get these tools after the problem occurs could let the problem get worse and cost a lot more money.

One of the most critical components of every house is its plumbing system. It provides us with potable water daily, which we use for things like brushing our teeth, taking showers, and doing the laundry. However, plumbing is also one of the least considered aspects of a home.

Many homeowners tend to ignore their plumbing systems until there is a significant problem. When they find issues such as slow drainage, low pressure, and leaks, they realize how plumbing inconvenient plumbing malfunction can be. However, if you are adequately prepared, you can prevent these problems from ever occurring.

What if we told you that you only need a few DIY plumbing tools to do this? To help you figure this out, today we will talk about the DIY plumbing tools all homeowners should have.

1. A Plunger

Hiring a plumber can be costly. As a result, we recommend that you try using a plunger before looking for professional help. You’d be surprised how many plumbing issues you can fix with this tool. Probably the most ubiquitous appliance in the realm of plumbing. If you have a clogged drain, bathroom shower, or toilet, always use a plunger before resorting to more heavy-duty equipment. Plungers are cheap, widely available, and easy to use. When it comes to the type of plunger, you have two to choose from:

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Cup Plunger – This kind of plunger is most useful in kitchens and bathrooms. One end is shaped like a rubber cup and connected to a long wooden or plastic grip. Although they help remove obstructions from water fixtures, such as sinks, tubs, and showers, they are not designed for unclogging commodes.

Flange Plunger – Plungers like this are made to remove waste from clogged toilets. Compared to a standard plunger, they include a flange, an extended rubber flap below the cup of the plunger head, to help create a better seal while plunging the toilet. If you have issues with foul drain smells, this tool is the first thing you should use.

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2. Adjustable Wrench

An adjustable wrench is an absolute must when it comes to plumbing tools all homeowners should have. When working with pipes on your own, you must take extra care because numerous hexagonal pipe nuts and fittings can be difficult to remove if you do not have the proper tool. As for the type of adjustable wrench you should go with, we recommend the 6 and 10-inch versions. These adjustable wrenches are the handiest. However, to ensure that you are ready for every possible plumbing issue, we suggest having a few different adjustable wrench variants.

Pipe wrenches are fantastic DIY plumbing tools for loosening or tightening all metal pipes and metal fittings on your home's plumbing.
Pipe wrenches are fantastic DIY plumbing tools for loosening or tightening all metal pipes and metal fittings on your home’s plumbing. These old cast iron wrenches are heavy! The newer aluminum wrenches  are much easier to work with.

3. Pipe Wrench

This plumbing tool is much bulkier and heavier than an adjustable wrench. However, what it lacks in versatility, it more than makes up in reliability and effectiveness.

With this tool, you’ll have a reliable way of tightening or losing fasteners and nuts you may have in your plumbing system. But, you must know how to use these wrenches correctly for the best results.

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The two-wrench system is the proper way to use a pipe wrench: one to loosen the nuts and one to keep the pipe steady. Always keep a towel nearby to cover the wrench’s jaw when in use. This can help you avoid damaging expensive fittings.

4. and 5. Tubing Cutter and Plumbing Tape  

Sometimes the plumbing problems in your home will require more than just plungers and wrenches. You may need to do more extensive work in these cases. Tubing cutters and plumbing tape are fantastic tools to have in situations like this. A tubing cutter, which looks like a C-clamp, is a simple tool to cut copper piping. It’s fantastic since it’s simple to use and produces a clean cut, which aids in forming a tight seal when inserting the pipe into a fitting.

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Plumbing tape, on the other hand, is a thin white tape material. The other name for it is Teflon tape. You can use this tape to seal the threads on a leaking pipe.

Furthermore, if you’re using a tube cutter, we recommend keeping plumbing tape nearby, especially if this is your first time cutting pipes. In addition to sealing pipes, it helps lubricate the threads, which makes the process go more smoothly.

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6. Emergency Self-Fusing Leak Stopping Silicone Tape

For temporary emergency pipe leak repairs this self-fusing silicone tape  only sticks to itself. Wrap it tightly around a leaking pipe for an instant repair

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7. and 8. Plumber’s Snake and Toilet Augers

Plumber’s Snakes, sometimes called hand augers, are used for removing obstructions from bathtub drains, washbasins, and sinks. This is the tool you go to when your plunger fails. A plumber’s snake is essentially a 25-foot-long flexible steel wire. You can wind it by hand to clear pipes of obstacles. While hand augers help clear out sinks and bathtubs, you’ll need a different kind of auger if you want to clear a clogged toilet.

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For clogged toilets, you’ll need a toilet auger. Many people also call this a toilet snake or closet auger. This auger is specifically designed for use in toilets.

To use it properly, you must wrap it in a rubber leaf, so you do not damage or scratch the toilet’s surface.

Then, insert the auger into the toilet or through the blockage and turn it like a drain snake. In most cases, this is all you need to do to unclog a toilet.

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When in Doubt, Call a Professional

Our friends at Verified Movers (the moving experts), agree that plumbing problems are one of the most common household issues in the United States.

Having all the tools at your disposal is fantastic, but you must recognize when you are over your head. Stop and call a professional if you try to fix something, and it only gets worse.

Furthermore, you should seek professional assistance immediately if you are dealing with a more severe problem, such as a flood or an overflowing toilet. You can do some things yourself, but you should leave more complex ones to professionals.

A professional plumber using a sewer drain auger. Sometimes even the best DIY plumbing tools still need professional help.
A professional plumber using a sewer drain auger. Sometimes even the best DIY plumbing tools still need professional help.

Now that you know what plumbing tools all homeowners should have, you can rest easy knowing you have the means to prevent minor issues from becoming major ones. That will significantly reduce your plumbing system maintenance costs and even help avoid complicated issues. Meta description: If you want to ensure that minor plumbing issues don’t turn into major ones, here are the plumbing tools all homeowners should have.

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