Drain Cleaning Near Me Service vs DIY Home Drain Cleaning

Any “drain cleaning near me” company can take care of your clogged drains – can you? Tried, but failed? Use these DIY methods first and then consider contacting a local plumber if you still need help.

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Introduction To Drain Cleaning Near Me Services and DIY Repairs

When a drain clog happens, most people run to a chemical drain cleaner. It’s the best solution, right? Even if your neighbor swears by a particular drain cleaner, these chemicals are not the best way to handle clogged drains in your home.

They may effectively do away with the buildup of grime, but it all comes at an expense and long term effects that are not pretty – Damaged drainage pipes.

Chemical drain cleaners can clear the clogs because they are corrosive enough to break up the dirt. However, their acidic or caustic nature and chemical reactions, means that constant use will lead to corrosion and thinning of your drainage pipes.

Instead of the ‘quick solution now, and consequences later’ approach, you can choose to get the help of professional plumbers. A quick search of drain cleaning near me reveals a surplus of companies to help you with your needs.

But first, to decide what approach to take, you need to understand the most popular drain cleaning services near you.

Drain Cleaning Services In Your Area

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Floor Drain Cleaning

These drains are found in garages, yards, and basements. They are an essential part of keeping surfaces dry and ensuring full drainage of water. However, there is a caveat with floor drains. Compared to other drains, floor drains are located on the lowest level and more susceptible to a sewer backup. 

Hence, it’s essential to ensure that you make plumbing repairs for clogged floor drainages fast. A professional plumber might use snaking or hydro jetting, depending on how near the clog is and its severity.

Kitchen Drain Cleaning

Over time, grease, soap residue, and chemicals will buildup in the kitchen drain resulting in a clogged drain. As a result, the sink will drain at a slow pace, or you might start dealing with dirty water backups. 

A professional plumber can help you deal effectively with kitchen clogs ensuring that the water flows smoothly and no backups happen. Mostly, professionals use a drain snake to cut through the grime where the clog is not massive.

Bathroom Sink Drain Cleaning Services Near You

As seen with kitchen sinks, the bathroom sink also accumulates a buildup of different debris. These can include pieces of soap, beauty products, toothpaste, and naturally occurring water minerals. 

Plumbing companies use a drain auger to eliminate the clog and get the water moving. It’s a simple task you can DIY, but where the clog is further down most drain systems, it’s best to get a plumber’s help.

Bathtub Drain Cleaning In Your Home

Tangled hairpieces, soap, pet fur, and toys are a typical reason for a blocked bathtub drain. You need to hire professional plumbers to perform drain unclogging, seeing as a bathtub is in constant use.

At most, it will take a few hours where the plumbers have the necessary equipment to unclog your bathtub drain.

Commercial Drain Cleaning

If you operate a busy business such as a restaurant, you know how adversely a clogged drain can affect your business, employees, and clients. With a professional plumber to cater to your plumbing needs, the company services can go on uninterrupted. 

Commercial kitchen sink cleaning, grease trap cleaning, utility drain cleaning, and stack lines unclogging are typical commercial plumbing services. For commercial properties, drain cleaning companies are willing to work out a non-intrusive cleanup schedule that’s best for everyone.

Restaurant drains are best cleaned with hydro-jetting to remove built up grease.
Restaurant drains are best cleaned with hydro-jetting to remove built up grease.

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Mainline Drain Cleaning

The main sewer line is a drain where all other smaller drains dump their contents into. If it is blocked or damaged, you will have issues with the smaller drainage pipes as well. However, professional plumbers can help you deal with any problems affecting the mainline.

First, the plumber will locate the cleanout and try to access the blockage. When the clog is not easy to find, they will use a drain inspection camera to determine the blockage location. 

Finally, depending on the clog type, the plumber will use hydro jetting or an electric drain snake to dislodge the buildup.

Routine Drain Maintenance

Even if there is no problem manifesting with your drains, you still want to invest in a maintenance plan. Drain maintenance is a proactive way to ensure that you won’t be dealing with any severe drainage issues in the future.

It may feel unnecessary, but it will help you avoid repair headaches in the years to come. When choosing a drain maintenance plan, choose an affordable plan from a local plumber accessible all year through. 

Typically, drain maintenance will involve inspection of grime buildup that could cause clogging, and drain cleaning at least once or twice a year.

Grease build up in a sewer.
Grease build up in a sewer drain should be cleaned out BEFORE the pipe is completely plugged and the sewer is backing up into the sink or tub. Your local plumber can fix that – Click Here

How Often Should I Have My Drain Cleaned?

Even if we know how important it is, drain cleaning is not something we want to do every day. Where you have the money, hiring professionals for drain cleaning every other week is not realistic.

So when is the best time for cleaning your drain? Or rather, how long should you wait before cleaning the drains?

It will depend on several factors such as availability and if you have dealt with clogs in the past. Drain clogs are not an all of a sudden type of occurrence. Clogs are usually a result of an accumulation of a couple of months or years. 

Hence, regularly cleaning your drain should be a priority if you want to extend your property’s value and cut down repair costs.

Kitchen sinks

Because of the massive amounts of debris, food, and chemicals going down a drain, you should regularly clean kitchen sinks. Once a month is a good duration for DIY kitchen sink drain cleaning.

To clean, mix vinegar and baking soda into two cups of hot water and pour down the drain. It will break up the grease and buildup, ensuring smooth water flow.

Note: This DIY drain cleaning method will only be effective if used regularly.

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Bathtubs and bathroom sinks

The amount of grime in these two is lesser compared to a kitchen sink. A minimum of drain cleanup once every three months will be practical and doable. Same as the kitchen, pour a hot water mixture of vinegar and baking soda into the bathtub and sink to dislodge any junk.

Main Sewer Lines

Effectively cleaning the main sewer line will be challenging if you do not have professional drain cleaning equipment. Hiring a local plumbing company to do the cleaning will be more effective, time-saving, and cost-effective.

Professional plumbers have the necessary expertise and equipment to deal with the magnitude of a main sewer drain cleanup. Aim for once or twice a year for main sewer lines cleanup.

How Much Does It Cost To Clean A Drain?

The money you pay to have your drain unclogged and cleaned will depend on the clog severity and the plumbing company you choose. Here’s a quick breakdown you can use when budgeting for drain cleaning services to give you a rough estimate.

How much does it cost to snake kitchen sinks, bathtubs, and toilets

The national average of snaking a drain is at $220. However, this price will vary from town to town and where the drain clog is located from the access point. For kitchen sinks, toilets, and bathtubs, the cost of snaking the drains will range from $110- $245.

Main sewer line cleaning costs near you

As we said earlier, the main sewer line is the soul of your property’s drainage system, and hence more work is involved. If the plumbers use a professional drain cleaner for the main sewer line, the charges will fall around $115 going upwards.

When snaking is the technique selected for drain cleaning, with minimal excavation, the rates will be around $85- $175.

If there’s a total blockage and hydro jetting is the most appropriate method, the charges will rise to $250- $1000 going upwards. Sometimes, the clog might be hard to locate, forcing the use of camera inspection. On such occasions, the price will significantly rise to $1200.

Most plumbing companies have coupon deals and discounts you can use to get an affordable drain cleaning service or maintenance plan.

How To Prevent Drain Clogs 

The Kitchen Drain

1) You should dispose large and fibrous food remains in a trash can or compost heap instead of the garbage disposal. Fibrous materials may hinder the working of the garbage disposal by wrapping around the spinning plate.

2) Don’t pour grease in the garbage disposal. Instead, you can put it in a sealable container and put it in a food trash bag.

3) Add a wire mesh screen to your sink to keep food off the drains if you have no access to a garbage disposal system.

4) Finally, clean at least once a month with a safe homemade mixture, as discussed above.

The Bathroom and Toilet

5) Use a wire mesh screen for the bathtub drain to catch hair that would otherwise cause a buildup and clog drains.

6) If it says flushable, most likely it isn’t 100% flushable. Feminine products, wipes, and cat litter are not best friends to your toilet drain. Unlike toilet paper, they take longer to break apart, and even then, do not wholly break down into favorable particles.

If you want to deal with fewer clogged toilets, tissue and human waste should be the only two things going down a toilet.

The Washing Machine Drain

An occasional sock, shoelace, and heaps of lint go down the washing machine draining point regularly. For the first few weeks, the damage is negligible, but after some time, your drain may block. 

7) To prevent this, install a lint trapper on the washing machine hose. They are inexpensive installations that will save you a couple of dollars for drain cleaning. Alternatively, tie a nylon stocking to the end of the hose and empty it once it’s full.

Home DIY Construction Waste

8) Do not pour cement or joint compound down a sink. Cement and joint compound take longer to break down and hence can cause massive damage. Instead, add water to the cement container and let it settle at the bottom. Pour the water in the yard and dispose of the hardened cement remains in a trash can.

Paint thinners and other paint products are also not recommended as they easily clog drains.

Qualities Of A Good Drain Cleaning Plumber Near You


The plumber you hire for drain cleaning should be open about how severe the clogging is and if there is a need for extra work. They should also be transparent by only charging for the drain cleaning services they have done and not take advantage.

Drain cleaning and unclogging is a new topic for most homeowners. Make sure you get a drain cleaning expert who is available to address your concerns.

Fast and Dependable

In cases of an emergency like sewage backup or clogged drain in the mainline, we advise you to hire a plumber near you that is easy to access. The plumbing company you choose for drain cleaning should be ready to fill in for emergency plumbing and to help when things are wrong.

They should also reply to emails or answer calls promptly and have cordial project management with the rest of their team.

A Certified and Licensed Plumber

Drain cleaning is challenging, and any wrong move would cause a whole lot of damage to your property. The plumber you work with should be certified by the state, trained, and showcase an array of experience for drain cleaning.

Furthermore, they should be licensed and insured to cover you, them, and your property in case of any damage. Having the right drain-cleaning equipment will also prove that the plumber can handle drain cleaning from start to finish efficiently.

Plumbers Are Available for Fast Drain Cleaning Services Near You.

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