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Our hydrojet drain cleaning Plumber Near Me professionals will remove ALL of the sludge inside the pipe. Whereas snaking will just remove the blockage, but leave the sludge. Which means you will have another clogged pipe sooner rather than later.

Hydrojet drain cleaning will prevent further problems and save you money for years.

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Hydrojet drain cleaning removed huge amounts of grease and fat, and even plastic bags from the drain lines.

Hydrojet Drain Cleaning Will Clean Any Clogged Pipe

Every household generates waste which ends up in one of two places: into the sewage drains or in the trash can.

Garbage cans generally get cleaned regularly, but the same can unfortunately not be said about sewer lines.

Most homeowners don’t have their sewer lines cleaned on a regular basis. That’s because they believe that the water flowing down drain pipes will constantly be cleaning them. Therefore, homeowners believe that the pipes won’t get dirty or clogged.

Unfortunately, this is simply not true.

Before and after hydrojet cleaning a pipe.
Grease, mineral deposits, and rusting pipes will reduce the effective interior diameter of the pipe. Which slows down drainage and will increase the chance of toilet paper or some other object completely plugging the drain. Hydrojet drain cleaning is the answer. Snaking the drain can’t clean a drain like this. Image credit: GMS Plumbing

Homeowners will only think about sewer drain cleaning when they see water backing up in their kitchen or bathroom due to a blockage somewhere in the system. When this happens, they hope the fix will be simple and will only cost about $100.

Unfortunately, to fix a severe issue with a sewer line can cost huge amounts of money. However, this can easily be prevented if homeowners get into the habit of having their sewer lines maintained regularly.

Got a dishwasher or garbage disposal? You need a maintenance service every year.

Sewer line maintenance is easy as it only involves cleaning the lines.

However, if your sewer line is already clogged, this can often be remedied relatively easy.

A very good technique for sewer drain cleaning is by using hydro jetting. If you have never heard about hydro jetting, this article will explain what it is. Plus, why it should be used not only to maintain your sewer line, but also to unclog it.

What Is Hydrojet Drain Cleaning?

If you’ve ever had to deal with your kitchen or bathroom sink being blocked, chances are that the first piece of equipment you grabbed is a plunger. Although this will sometimes work, it is often not enough to get rid of the blockage.

When a plunger doesn’t work, the blockage is bigger than what it can handle and a more powerful remedy needs to be applied. The possibilities include chemical means, a drain snake, or hydro jetting.

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Although chemical means may be successful, there is a high probability that it will cause more harm than what it does good. This is the reason why most drain cleaning services won’t even consider a chemical solution. Plumbers prefer to either snake a drain or use hydro jetting to clear the blockage.

Although many homeowners know what a drain snake is and how to use it, chances are that they won’t know about hydro jetting. This is because only plumbers use this method, and it should not be tried by anyone that doesn’t have the required experience.

As the name implies, hydrojet drain cleaning uses water to get the job done. The water is put under extremely high pressure, ranging from 1,500 psi to as much as 4,000 psi. This high pressure water stream is then guided into the drain pipes. Where it dislodges or separates the debris that is stuck or prevents the sewage from flowing down the pipes to the sewers.

Even at its highest possible pressure, a garden hose is not nearly enough to do hydro jetting. A plumber has very specialized equipment to do hydro jetting. Consisting of a hose with interchangeable nozzles, and a pressure pump with variable water pressure. As well as a cart on which everything is transported.

Hydro Jetting Involves The Following Three Steps:

  1. A sewer camera is guided into the pipe that is clogged to determine which nozzle should be used.
  2. The hose is coupled to a water tank, fitted with the right nozzle, and then fed into a cleanout.
  3. The pump is set to the right pressure, after which it is switched on to push the water into the pipe to unclog it.

Hydro jetting is normally done via a cleanout, as it makes use of gravity. The water will go into the drain pipes and will have sufficient pressure to break apart the blockage. When this happens, the debris will be pushed down the sewer line with the water that has dislodged it.

Is Using Hydro Jetting Worth It?

As there are several options that can be used for “drain cleaning near me”, you may wonder if hydro jetting is the best option to resolve issues with a drain. This is especially true if you have already used chemical drain cleaners in the past, and found it to be effective.

Although sewer lines are normally extremely durable, a chemical drain cleaner must only ever be used as a last resort. That’s because, they will eventually harm not only the drain pipes, but also the environment. To prevent personal injury, they also need to be handled with care. Even if you use a type that is classified as non-corrosive.

Snaking a drain isn’t foolproof either. I once had the end of the snake break off inside the pipe in my house. Which meant that the pipe line, that was inside a wall, had to be disconnected. Where I live, once you open up a wall, you must bring everything inside that wall up to current codes. This got VERY expensive.

Although snaking a drain can remove a blockage, it doesn’t effectively clean the pipe to prevent additional blockages.

Plumbers recommend using hydro jetting to unclog pipes for various reasons, including:

  • It prevents future problems. As water is used for the process, the sewer line is cleaned out properly while the blockage is being removed. Snaking can’t do this, as it will leave a thick residue in the pipes. That WILL, over time, lead to other blockages.
  • It always works. It is guaranteed that all sizes of pipes will be unclogged as the nozzle sizes and water pressure can be adjusted. Plumbers are able to easily adjust the water pressure and the volume of water, until the blockage is completely removed.
  • Suitable for all types of sewer lines. As hydro jetting uses professional equipment, one may mistakenly presume that it is only done on commercial buildings. However, it can also be used in residential homes. Hydro jetting is very versatile and with the different types of nozzles that are available, can be adapted to all types of sewer lines, both in commercial and in residential settings.
  • It is safe for the environment. As hydro jetting only uses water and there are no harsh chemicals involved, it is completely environmentally friendly.
  • You’ll save money – hydro jetting will save you money over time, despite having to hire a plumber. This method does not only fix the problem, but it is also preventive maintenance. As it cleans a sewer line properly while unclogging the pipe, potential new blockages are prevented.

In other words, the entire inside of the pipe is cleaned. Whereas, a snake or chemical cleaner will only poke a hole through the sludge. That remaining sludge is still reducing the interior diameter of the pipe. Which means that it will get plugged up again much sooner.

So, pay to get the job done once, instead of several times. If you use a garbage disposal, this is actually a good reason for getting hydrojet drain cleaning done regularly.

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  • It is hygienic – sewage contains nasty stuff that should never be touched with bare hands. The chances of anybody getting into contact with sewage is decreased substantially with hydro jetting as the water in the system does the job.
  • It saves time. Although snaking a drain can take up a lot of time, this is not the case with hydro-jetting. Hydro jetting works faster to fix a clogged pipe than any other non-chemical-based method.

Based on the above, it’s easy to see why plumbers prefer to use hydro jetting to unblock pipes.

Indications That a Sewer Line Is Blocked

All homeowners will at some stage come across a blocked drain or clogged pipe in their home. This could simply mean water is going down a drain slower than normal. In extreme cases however, no water will flow to the sewer lines at all.

Fortunately, there are a number of warning signs that show that there is a blockage, or one is starting to develop, in sewer and plumbing systems.

If homeowners are aware of these signs, they can contact drain cleaning services when the issue starts and before it gets worse and potentially causes water damage:

Grease causing a partial blockage of a sewer line.
Grease causing a partial blockage of a sewer line.

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  • Unusual sounds when water flows into a drain. When water flows into the drain lines, there should hardly be any sound. Gurgling sounds are possibly an indication that there is a blockage in the sewer lines.
  • One or more drains don’t work properly. Although a single sink being clogged doesn’t necessarily indicate a blockage in the sewer line, multiple blockages simultaneously indicate it is highly likely a sewer line is clogged.
  • Fixtures function irregularly. If water starts running in the toilet when a washing machine is used, or flushing a toilet causes water to back up in the bath tub or shower, this may indicate that a sewer line is clogged.
  • Sewage smell – if there is a blockage in a sewer line, other debris will be trapped. Organic matter will eventually decompose and this will produce awful smells that can permeate your whole home. Those smells will be the worst in rooms with drains, i.e. kitchens and bathrooms.

In the worst case scenario, wastewater can flow back from the drains into tubs, showers and sinks.

When you become aware of any of those symptoms, contact our “drain cleaning near me” experts to check it out. Taking action too late can result in your home being damaged. This can lead to replacements and repairs that are very expensive.

Hydro Jetting versus Snaking

If you have a drain that is clogged and a plunger is not good enough to fix it, you’ll have to choose if you want to get your drains hydro jetted or snaked.

As these are both really effective to remove drain blockages, most homeowners are unsure as to which method is most suitable for their specific case. Although both methods achieve the same end result, they each have their own pros and cons.

Snaking A Drain


  • Time-proven technique to remove blockages.
  • Minimal risk of damaging pipes, especially older ones.
  • Homeowners can do easy jobs, or professionals can do it for you.
  • Useful to determine if a blockage is too severe to be removed by snaking.
Snaking a sewer drain is more complicated than it appears. If you don’t know what you are doing, you are wasting time and money.

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  • Less effective than hydro jetting. Snaking leaves behind residues that can eventually cause other blockages.
  • There is the possibility that snaking will only remove part of the blockage. The size of the gap created in the blockage depends on the auger’s size. This will result in some debris remaining inside the pipe, with only a small hole that allows wastewater to flow through.
  • Will only work with basic clogs. Won’t remove a blockage caused by tree roots, unless you use a cutting head on the snake. However, a cutting head can easily damage your pipes. So, leave that to your “drain cleaning near me” professional.
  • More temporary solution than what hydro jetting provides.

Hydrojet Drain Cleaning


  • Clears the blockage, but also cleans up the entire insides of the sewer lines. Which will prevent clogging from quickly happening again.
  • Works for all types of pipes, both in commercial and residential sewer lines.
  • Eco-friendly due to it only using water.
  • Resolves clogging caused by plant and tree roots that have invaded the sewer line. However, as the tree roots will continue to grow, this is a temporary solution.
  • Fast and effective at removing blockages, irrespective of the cause.
  • Stops waste water backing up.


  • Can only be done by a professional.
  • Different pipe sizes require different nozzles sizes with different water volumes and pressures.
  • May further damage fragile or weak pipes, due to the high water pressure used. This also includes pipes already damaged by tree roots.

Some plumbers prefer to use just one of the techniques, but both should ideally be used for a sewer line. They will start by first snaking a drain. If that doesn’t fix the problem completely, then they will use hydro jetting to complete the job.

Although snaking on its own can remove basic clogs, hydro jetting is required for large blockages.

What Is The Cost of Hydro Jetting a Sewer Line and Drain?

Most homeowners expect high costs for hydro jetting services as they need to hire the services of a plumber to do it. As it means paying for special equipment and manpower, it seems to them that it is expensive. They will only think about using hydro jetting when a plumber feels that snaking won’t be enough.

Hydro jetting will actually only be very expensive if the blockage is very severe. However, the cost is well worth it if you also consider the benefits in the long term. Once the lines have been hydro jetted properly, there will only be a very small possibility of another blockage developing in the sewer line in the short term.

To get a free hydrojet drain cleaning cost estimate. Click Here Now and use our easy online form.

The average hydrojet drain cleaning cost is between $300 and $600 for residential sewers. However, it can be more than $1000 if the clogging is severe. The exact price will however depend on various factors, including:

  • Type of blockage – the type debris that is causing the blockage will have an impact on the total costs. Food, hair, and similar debris is easy to remove and will not cost as much. While blockage caused by roots are more difficult to remove and will cost more.
  • Blockage location – a blockage that is located deeper in the sewer line will be more expensive to remove, while a blockage closer to the opening of the sewer line or a drain is easier to access and will cost less.

On the other hand, hydro jetting for a commercial building will always be more expensive due to sophisticated equipment being required. This results in the average costs being more, and it typically starts at $3,000.

Before using a hydro jet, a plumber also has to check what condition the pipe is in. Plumbers will use a sewer camera to figure out what is causing the blockage.  This inspection’s cost should also be considered. This will typically cost between $300 and $500 as a separate service, but some plumbers prefer to include the service as part of their overall price.

Instead of quoting a fixed rate for a specific project, some plumbers prefer to charge for the task per hour. Hydrojet drain cleaning cost normally ranges between $45 and $200 per hour.

Even though these prices may seem like a lot, it’s only a small fraction of what replacing a complete sewer line would cost. A few hundred dollars for hydrojet services is very little compared to the thousands of dollars you would have to pay to completely replace a sewer main. Hydro jetting also reduces the possibility of having to replace your sewer line prematurely.

What is The Cost of Repairing or Replacing a Sewer Main?

Snaking a drain ($100 to $300 for smaller drain lines, $300 to $600 for main drain lines). Hydro jetting ($400 to $600 on average, but difficult jobs $1,000).

Even the use of a chemical drain cleaner, sometimes won’t solve the problem. If this is the case, the only options left are either repairing or replacing sewer lines.

A plumber knows how expensive replacing a sewer line is. So, to minimize costs, they normally first try to determine if it is still possible to repair damaged sections. To do this, plumbers inspect the entire sewer line with a sewer camera. Then they will propose the best solution to solve your problem.

If you have to repair or replace your main sewer lines, it will cost you at least $1000 for only a simple repair. The total costs could easily be as much as between $10,000 and $20,000 (repair of the foundation, sidewalk, driveway, landscaping) if the whole sewer line needs to be replaced.

There are many other factors that determines the total cost, including:

  • Sewer lines access. It will cost more to work on sewer lines under a slab.
  • Method used, i.e. traditional means (digging a trench), or trenchless pipe bursting or pipe lining ($160 per linear foot).
  • Location.
  • Difficulty level.
  • Whether it’s seen as an emergency callout or not.
  • Pipe length that needs to be replaced or repaired.
  • Repairs needed on home structures that have been affected, i.e. walkways, landscaping, flooring, driveways, and foundations.
  • Home or yard cleanup on completion of the work done to the sewer line.

Working on a Sewer Line is Dangerous

People often mistakenly believe that plumbing projects can easily be undertaken by anyone. However, they don’t realize that some tasks relating to plumbing should only be done by professionals. Working on sewer lines is one of those tasks.

Working on a sewer line is very complicated, and a good deal of expertise is required. This isn’t something DIYers should try to do on their own. Even if they think they’ve found a very good online step-by-step guide. Trying to save money by doing a sewer line project yourself is not worth the risk.

That rotten egg smelling sewer gas can kill you.

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The risks listed below should be a clear indication that working on any sewer line is simply too dangerous:

  • Even with no wastewater flowing, there will still be bacteria and other harmful microorganisms in the pipes. As you work, you can be exposed to salmonella, e. coli, hepatitis, giardia, and many others. When I worked in the sewer industry I had my hepatitis vaccination – have you?
  • There are likely utility lines installed close to the sewer line, and these can easily be hit, particularly if you don’t exactly know where they are located. Damaging utility lines won’t only be a hassle, but they will turn into safety hazards.
  • Digging a trench improperly can cause the soil to collapse, and this can lead to injury if you’re inside the trench.
  • If a natural gas line is damaged accidentally, that is almost guaranteed to cause an explosion. Recently two houses in the Saint Paul – Minneapolis metro area have exploded. Last year, part of a school building was blown apart by a contractor that didn’t shut off the gas line.
  • Improper work done on sewer lines could affect not only you, but leaks could also reach your neighbors’ homes.
  • Cracks or breaks in sewer lines can cause sewer gasses (methane and carbon dioxide) in the pipes to be released and flow into your home. Exposure to these gasses could lead to respiratory complications.
Natural gas house explosion in Marshall MN
Natural gas house explosion in Marshall MN. Image credit: Dakota News Now

When an untrained homeowner tries to do this type of work, the chances of failure are much higher than any chance of success. Rather than saving about $1000 for plumber services, they often end up spending much more than that. How?

By buying all the equipment, and the materials that has to be repurchased to fix mistakes. Not to mention time off work or away from the family.

In most states, sewer work needs documentation and other paperwork. If you aren’t a licensed plumber, this could cause delays, or even outright rejection for permits to be approved. Some states may even penalize or fine you for doing this type of work without a license.

There is no way in which you will be able to do this job as fast as plumbers will be able to. The longer you delay fixing sewer line issues, the worse they get. If you have to shut off the water or sewer to keep the issue from worsening, you won’t be able to use your bathrooms for a longer period of time.

Obtaining Estimates from a “Drain Cleaning Service Near Me”

With the estimated replacement and repair costs shown above, you may be wondering if you will still be able to save money for snaking or hydro jetting without trying to do the work yourself.

However, it is still possible to save money on drain cleaning services even if professionals are hired for this job. You simply have to get businesses to start competing with each other directly.

The easiest and best way in which this can be done is by making use of our free services. This will enable you to get up 4 quotes from competent businesses or contractors that want to do the job.

Simply Click Here Now and use our easy online form. Hydrojet drain cleaning experts will respond ASAP. They are fully aware that they’ll be competing with other businesses to get the job. So, they will send you their best offers and rates.

As their rates will likely decide which one you’ll choose, they’ll do their very best to get you to accept their offer, and not that of their competitors.

If all the offers are higher than what you expected, or you’re not happy with the quotes for any reason, simply turn them down. It is not a requirement that you have to use one of the contractors who send you a quote. Our service is free and you have no obligation to use any of the plumbers that we are associated with.

With any sewer line issue, time is of the essence. So, get a professional to hydrojet your sewer line for you as soon as possible.

Fill out the form below and get a “drain cleaning service near me” to come out and get your sewer line and drain issues fixed soon!

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