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Most homeowners and even business owners at some stage face the challenges of ensuring that their plumbing is efficient and working as it should.

Many people unfortunately don’t have the skills or knowledge to do this on their own and many may be unaware that there is something wrong with their plumbing until it starts acting up.

At that stage, the problem may already have become far worse than what it should have been.

Water damage caused by a burst water pipe. Your local plumber in Maplewood MN can prevent that from happening - even when you are on vacation.
Water damage caused by a burst water pipe. The owners were away at the cabin for the weekend, and returned to a flooded basement. The friendly plumbers in Maplewood can prevent this from happening to you. Call 1-888-548-3652

Fortunately, our plumber near you repair service in Maplewood MN has you covered. Our team is ready and standing by to help you with all your plumbing installation and repair requirements.

Honest Plumber, Maplewood MN

Our team’s licensed plumbers are all locally bonded, have loads of experience, and have been working with us for a long time. As we make sure that every member of the team regularly undergoes refresher training, this places them in the best possible position to help with all your heating and plumbing issues. Don’t hesitate to call us immediately, irrespective of the type of plumbing issues you may be facing!

We Can Fix Fresh Water Supply Problems

Have you recently started noticing that your water bill has been increasing steadily, or even all of a sudden?

Many businesses and homeowners don’t know that The City of Maplewood does not have its own water utility. The majority of commercial and residential properties in Maplewood are serviced by St. Paul Regional Water Services (SPRWS) for water provision.

One of the reasons your water bill may unexpectedly increase and be unusually high is due to there being a leak somewhere in your business’ premises or at home.

Leaks are fairly common, especially at older properties. If these are left unfixed and unchecked, it could lead to you losing massive amounts of money by paying more for water than what you consume. All the while also causing other types of damage on your property.

However, this is an issue our team at Plumber Near Me can easily help you fix. We have access to the most modern and up-to-date techniques and tools to assist you in finding leaks and patching them up. However, we may also recommend that you replace an entire faulty line. That is, depending on which solution will ensure the best long-term relief from the problem.

Water Heater Repairs in Maplewood, MN

Our extensive experience has taught us that water heater failure is one of the worst plumbing issues that anyone can face. Water heaters unfortunately fail from time to time, even the latest models.

This type of issue is often not only time-consuming to fix, but could also cause numerous other plumbing problems if it is not fixed quickly.

Having a problem with a hot-water system in winter can be frustrating and inconvenient. This needs to be fixed as soon as possible so that you will have a reliable source of heating and hot water.

As licensed plumbers in Maplewood MN, we have installed and fixed countless water heater systems all across Maplewood. We are, in fact, often the plumbing service of choice for businesses and homeowners when they need to install new systems, or have someone troubleshoot an existing one.

Water heaters can explode if not maintained properly.

Our experts don’t only repair existing systems in the shortest possible time, but can also help you to maintain them. Our team can also advise if your current system needs to be replaced to ensure it will operate without problems in the long-term.

Water heater tank is leaking where the T&P valve enters the tank. That means it's plumber in Maplewood MN time.

The water heater tank is leaking where the T&P valve enters the tank. That means it’s plumber, Maplewood MN time. Call 1-888-548-3652

Installation and Maintenance of Sump Pumps

Anyone in Maplewood with a basement in their home will likely need a sump pump, and most already have one. A sump pump will ensure that your basement does not get flooded. If a sump pump does not work properly, it often spells disaster for your home.

Our team of expert plumbers in Maplewood MN can not only install sump pumps, but also fix a sump pump that does not work correctly. We have a range of tools that are used to troubleshoot a range of problems, from grinding noises, to a lack of power. Our professional team will ensure that any sump pump problem is fixed in the best way possible.

Why Call Plumber Near Me in Maplewood?

As licensed, professional plumbers with many years of experience in Maplewood, MN, we understand how much you rely on your plumbing system. That is why we are honored if you choose us to fix your plumbing system. Just as we are extremely pleased by all the positive reviews we have received. If you are, however, not sure yet if you should choose us, here are a few reasons why we feel we are better than our competitors:

  • We Will Tackle Any Plumbing Job. We know that there are many plumbers around that prefer not to take on extensive repairs. Unlike them, we embrace any challenge and don’t shy away from them. Over the years, we have tackled some of the most challenging plumbing repair jobs in Maplewood and have achieved excellent results.
  • Certified Plumbers – Our team of certified plumbers has been working in the plumbing industry for more than a decade. This experience allows us to fix any plumbing problem in the best way possible.
  • We Guarantee Your Satisfaction – Our satisfaction guarantee covers all plumbing work done by us. This means we will work until you are 100% satisfied.
  • We Only Use the Best Tools for the Job. As we use only the latest and best tools money can buy, we can identify and resolve plumbing issues that others aren’t able to.
  • Exceptional Customer Service – Our customer service is better than that of any other plumbing company in Maplewood, MN. As our team is a simple call away, we can easily answer your questions about our service. Or quickly provide you with an estimate for any plumbing project you may have.

For All Your Plumbing Repairs in Maplewood, MN, Simply Call Us

The plumbing at your home or business needs to be as reliable as possible. The best way to ensure that is by doing routine maintenance regularly. Emergencies do however happen, and that’s when you need a team of expert plumbers in Maplewood MN to assist you. Our team can, fortunately, handle any type of repair in the most cost-effective way.

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