Signs You Need a Plumber for Clogged Drain Problems

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There are certain signs you need a plumber for clogged drain problems that should never be ignored! If you do, you might encounter far worse down the line, so act on them in a timely manner.

Slow Draining Times

The first of the signs you need a plumber for clogged drain problems is slow draining times. If you suffer from this, you will slowly notice it takes longer and longer for water to drain away. The problem does not always grow worse quickly, so it isn’t easy to notice at all. It can even become ‘normal’ for your drains to work slowly due to the gradual worsening of things. However, if the problem persists throughout your home, that’s a sign that you need a professional plumber. If it is just something localized to your bathroom, kitchen, or toilet, then it may be possible for you to solve things on your own. However, there are always risks you take if you choose that route, and you can easily make things worse instead!

A drain fixed thanks to reacting to one of the signs you need a plumber for clogged drain problems
A drain fixed thanks to reacting quickly to one of the signs you need a plumber for clogged drain problems.

Odd Smells in Your Kitchen, Bathroom, Or Toilet

Old homes are frequently full of odd smells. So, in this scenario, it might also take a bit for you to catch on. However, the second you notice a terrible or odd smell in your bathroom, toilet, or kitchen, particularly one that reminds you of a sewer, you must react quickly and call a plumber. This is almost always a sign that there is some level of clogging in your pipes. Because the source of the smell itself is the decomposition of all sorts of nasty stuff in your lines, this is not just a risk because it can develop into more severe clogs. It is also the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of infections and even nasty insect infestations.

Odd Sounds Coming from Your Sewage System

You should never, absolutely never, ignore odd sounds coming from your sewage system. And especially not the ones coming from your toilet bowl! Gurgling, hissing or strange sounds can occur when your sewage system tries to overcome a clog. The problem is that people frequently overlook it all, and it gradually worsens the situation. Being careless can lead to a full-on toilet backup, which is never a fun time for anyone. Even if you do not have a clog, contacting a plumber when you hear weird noises from your pipes is a good idea. By doing so, you get in front of many potential problems. Besides, a good plumbing inspection is never a waste of money!

Multiple Blocked Drains

One blocked drain is an annoyance. Multiple blocked drains are a good reason for a full-blown panic attack. Similarly, a single blocked drain is something you can maybe attempt to fix on your own. Multiple blocked drains? That’s definitely, one of the types of plumbing repairs you should never DIY. At least not if you enjoy having a home that’s not absolutely soaked in all sorts of nasty stuff better left unnamed; this applies to every type of drain in your home. Do not think it’s OK to mess around with a drain in your kitchen because you consider it relatively clean. And for your sake, we hope you never try to unclog a drain on a lower floor of your home if multiple clogged drains bother you. Even if you succeed, the fruits of your labor are unlikely to be sweet!

A running kitchen faucet
Don’t try to ‘flush away’ the clog!

Failure Of Commercial Drain Cleaning Products

If you do try to meddle with drain clogs, it is always advised to use commercial products meant for that. There are some powders and liquids that you are supposed to flush down your drain that can, in fact, help. The one word of caution we will offer is that most of them rely on violent chemical reactions. As such, if you have old and fragile pipes or if the clog has caused sewage to rise to the top of your drain, do not use them. The results of trying are unpleasant and messy. And can even be dangerous to inhale or touch in the case of some chemicals. If the commercial drain cleaning products fail, call a plumber instead of putting in more effort. This is especially smart, considering your pipes now contain potentially dangerous chemicals.

Empty toilet paper roll says “Don’t panic”
Just don’t panic and contact a local plumber

Overflow Or Backup

The absolute worst of the signs you need a plumber for clogged drain problems are overflow or backup. Between the two, overflow is still the better option since it happens when your drain refuses to work. The water simply fills up your drain or toilet bowl, refusing to go away. Backup can occur to various degrees and can even be extremely explosive. The simplest way to describe backup is that your sewage system suddenly reverses due to a clog, causing a building of pressure. Whatever was in your sewage system comes back with a vengeance and will cause an absolute mess in your home. The two things you need to do in this scenario are to call in plumbers and movers. Plumbers for your sewage, and movers for moving a washer and dryer or similarly heavy appliances since it’s best to hire pros to handle this, too.

Your kitchen sink’s waste water is not pleasant either!
Your kitchen sink’s waste water is not pleasant either!

Frequent Reoccurrence of Clogs

The final of the signs you need a plumber for clogged drain problems is particularly annoying, and it’s frequent clogs. These can be minor, such as that plumbing tools every homeowner should have can take care of them. However, the fact that they persist reveals the fact that there’s something wrong with your plumbing system that needs a professional’s attention.

For The Safety of You and Your Sewage System

Once you notice any of the signs you need a plumber for clogged drain problems, you should immediately look for help. If you delay or try to do something on your own, you are seriously endangering yourself, your home, and your sewage system. It is better not to insist on DIY projects when you don’t have the necessary knowledge and skills.

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